This VINUBIS Moment enables you to produce videos as fast as possible. Record all you want to say in simply one video clip. No more waste of time for long storyboards. Use the clip, upload it, choose a video style, trim it (beginning & end), and add some text. In only a view minutes you receive a professional video to publish wherever you want.

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Imagine you want to pick the most exciting scenes of a long speech or a downhill action video… Maybe you need to bring parts of your videos in a new order to create a story or a manual. The VINUBIS Moment HIGHLIGHTS lets you pick the best parts of your Videos and reunites them as a HIGHLIGHTS Compilation Video: Upload, choose a Video Style, highlight the most important parts of your videos and rearrange them in a chronological order that suits your Video best.

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The FULL EDITOR gives you the complete control over your own storyboard. Each Video Template includes different Looks (such as an Intro or Outro) which you can only choose in Full Editor Edition. You can even use effects like “picture in picture” or multiple “lower field thirds”. Upload your clips, choose a Video Template, pick Intros, Outros, Text Splits, Full-, Single- or Doublescreen Video Looks and put together an individual Storyboard by yourself. VINUBIS provides a video editing tool especially made for professional users who want to do more than a simple Video Moment.

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VINUBIS Corporate Edition

If you are an organisation of any kind you probably have special demands regarding your corporate layout and design? Maybe you also need to handle different security levels or want to administrate your employees in creating videos in individual video styles? Then our Corporate Edition is what you’re looking for!

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VINUBIS Whitelabel Edition

Offer our services in your name for your own users, customers or colleagues. Modify VINUBIS with your branding, graphical elements, URL and much more. Sass stylesheets allow you to customize the look of your whitelabel installation easily by overriding predefined style and color variables.

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Every single feature provided by VINUBIS can be integrated by API into your existing application, software or web service. Our toolset enables you to increase the features of your own product or processes to provide further services to your community.

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VINUBIS WordPress Plugin

In case you already run your own WordPress Blog you are now able to integrate the VINUBIS Editions into your existing installation by enabling the VINUBIS Video Editor Plugin for WordPress. Download the plugin from the repository:

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VINUBIS Mobile Assistant

If you record your videos with iOS or android devices, you can upload your files from your mobile device through your mobile browser. Soon we’ll publish an iOS app which provides all our desktop features.

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