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How it works.

VINUBIS enables you to create professional videos right out of your own recordings.
It works like a notepaper but for videos. It is quite easy.

VINUBIS devides all videos into different layers.

A) Source File Layer
Use Videos (from any device), pictures, sound files and much more as source for your final video. VINUBIS also understands professional video equipment. Any format – any size – any length.

B) Template Layer
Choose the look & feel of your videos or set up your own template (layout) with all definitions of recurrent elements (typewriting, size, colors, logos, animations, lower-field-thirds, …).

Afterwards VINUBIS creates your final, professional video right out of a mixture between a) and b).

VINUBIS works with recordings from all kind of devices you use in your daily live.


How does a template look like?

VINUBIS is using so called templates to refine your recordings. You can make your own ones or you simply can use our standard templates. Each creates a completely different look & feel.


Here you can see different template pages from our standard “news-template”. You can use all of them during your video.


With VINUBIS you gain some main advantages. Here are some of them.


Automatic updates, supports every operating system, all browser versions, it is 24/7 accessbile from everywhere; 

cloud based

Using the power of cloud based systems, no investments in hardware necessary, self-hosting version on demand; 

corporate layout

Every video created with VINUBIS will be along your corporate identity. 

all devices

Supports most devices e.g. smartphones, flip-cams, digi-cams, professional equipment as well as audio and graphics of all kind;

publish to

 publishes to all kind of services, e.g. FTP, youtube, vimeo, ViMP, WISTIA, …, nearly all codecs and quality levels (HD) supported; 


Admin-levels & approval system helps to keep an eye on every storyboard; 

template design

Start with ready made templates or create your own ones, be creative, there are no restrictions;


Every part of VINUBIS can be “whitelabled” and integrated into your (existing) products & services;

batch processing

Make changes (e.g. layout, logo) to all or a group of videos in one, interesting for online-shops (pricing) and eLearning-archives; 


You can host VINUBIS on your own server; interesting in case of policy restrictions and for safety reasons, we never take copyrights of your videos;


 Our support faces also technical issues while recording your videos, we provide webinars as well as on-location trainings; 


VINUBIS Whitelabel

By whitelabeling our tool you can embedd every functionality of VINUBIS directly into your software, application, mobile services or web-portal. We provide a range of highly specialised API´s for your indidvidual use case. By this we make sure that your product gets all the advantages and options VINUBIS is providing. Feel free to talk to us about all possibilities.

VINUBIS is completely yours.



We are proud to announce our cooperation with ViMP.

ViMP is a high value video content management system allowing you to run your own video portal. It is also excellently suited for video on demand portals, e-learning platforms and internal corporate video solutions. ViMP can be provided as a complete SaaS solution or “on premise” on your own server. From now on you also can get the “ViMP Editor” that enables VINUBIS functions directly in the portal.

Visit ViMP

User Generated Video

Imagine the future. Profile pictures are common. But how about "profile videos"? Did you already think about that? With VINUBIS this becomes reality. We enable your web-portal, web-services to enrich your content.

Let´s give an example.

Assume that you want to sell your car and you want to produce a video for that reason. VINUBIS collects all recordings (e.g. from your smartphone), some details about the product (age, power, miles, …) and creates a video like you can see on the right side.

All you have to do is to upload your videos, type in the text and all the rest is done by VINUBIS.