In the beginning there's you and your creativity. Got an idea for a Video? Risky Skateboard stunt, Product promotion, Event After Movie..? No matter what, we go you covered.


    Record clips in Full HD – with your Smartphone or even professional equipment – and use a basic microphone to enhance the quality of your recordings.


    Upload everything you recorded to your VINUBIS File Library. No size limits. Nope.


    Choose a Style: Business like? Fancy? Romantic? Christmassy? .. go wild!, choose and trim the clips you want in your Video, add some text.. Done!


Have one continuous recording to edit? The ONE SHOT lets you choose a Video Style, trim your Video and add text. Done!
It’s as easy as it sounds yeah 😉


Got awesome Clips and want to show the best parts of it? HIGHLIGHTS let’s you pick the most exciting sequences of your Clips and will create a Highlights Compilation Video for you.


You have a lot of creative ideas on how to create your Video? The FULL EDITOR gives you the flexibility to create a Storyboard from scratch and add features where you need them.

Choose one of our Templates created by Motion Designers

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